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Where can I learn more about Bollinger Bands®?
Visit for more information on Bollinger Bands.

Does the site track stocks listed on foreign stock markets?
We cover stocks (including ADRs) that trade on the US exchanges only (NYSE, Nasdaq, OTC, etc).

Does the site cover Mutual Funds, Forex, or Commodities?
Only stocks. For Forex, visit out forex site: We do not have a site for Mutual Funds or Commodities.

Do you have real-time data?
We do not, however our charts do have intraday delayed quote data, 15-minute for Nasdaq and 20-minute for NYSE/Amex.

Most of our analysis is done end of day. A few intraday exceptions are Edge, Intraday Highs and Lows List, and Potential Confirmed Breakout List.