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Hi, I'm John Bollinger and I'd like to welcome you to! This is a short tour of the features of the site, highlighting some that I find most interesting. The first thing you should know is that there is a shortcut to get to the site: Next, there is lots of help available under the support tab (at the top left of your screen), so that's the first place to go if you have any questions. All around the site you will find small yellow squares with a '?' in them. If you click one, a box opens with more information about the item it is next to. I'm here to help you.

Charting: If the heart of this site is Bollinger Bands and the related tools and techniques, then the face of the site is our charts. We offer three charting options, Classic, Advanced and NextGen. Each package is quite different in use, but they are similar in content. Our Classic charts present highly customizable charts with live trackers and a full range of overlays and indicators. The Advanced charts use Flash technology to provide greater flexibility and interactivity. NextGen charts are optimized for mobile devices so will work well on your tablet or phone. For me the tie-breaker is that the Advanced charts offer BBScript, which lets me easily work with new ideas. Regardless of which charting package you select, be sure to check out all of the new Bollinger Band tools that we have available, as well as the Alphier indicators and some of our other unique features, like dynamic stops.

EquiVolume: Here you can see a stock in a completely new dimension, price delineated by volume instead of time. This work dates back to Edwin Quinn in the 1930s and fell from the public eye for many years until Dick Arms reinvented the wheel and called it EquiVolume. In the most recent release we added live trackers to these charts. This section of the site is free for all to use, a small present from us to you.

Structure: The structure tab lets you explore the GroupPower industry group and market sector structure. It's just not enough to be right on the stock, you can add value by being right on the group and sector and this is the place to do that. On the Classic charts you see the groups and sectors for any stock just below the symbol entry boxes. If you click on those you can instantly see the related items, other stocks in the same group or other groups in the same sector. On the Advanced charts there is a navigator with four arrows that lets you do the same thing. (I love our navigator!)

Lists: In this section we search our database to find ideas for you. All the Methods from "Bollinger on Bollinger Bands" are here, plus stocks making new highs and lows (including our justly famous "early warnings") and PowerShifts ( those are the red and green triangles on the charts), "W" bottoms and the Alphier signals. If you want to really dig in, you can export all of our lists to your favorite spreadsheet or word processor.

Screening: Here you can create your own lists exploring a wide variety of criteria, everything from Bollinger Bands, %b, and BandWidth, to groups and sectors, our own versions of alphas and betas (be sure to check these out) and a variety of signals. Once you have refined your screen, you can save it for future use. Of course, you can export the screened list or save it to a portfolio for further analysis.

Portfolio: Here you can keep track of lists of stocks and/or portfolios. A variety of data is displayed for each item on the list and the selected item gets a chart as well as an expanded data display. You want to get organized? This is the place.

Patterns: Here you can explore the universe of "M" and "W" patterns. These studies are based on the work of Robert Levy and Arthur Merrill. Of special interest is the engine tab, which gives you a close up of the pattern characteristics of a given ticker, and the reversals page, which lists stocks morphing from M to W patterns and vice versa. If you want more, try

Edge: This is one of my favorite sections. For any stock or fund in our universe you can explore price action by the day of the week, around the end of the month, around option expiration (witching days) and around holidays. You can also ask what should we expect if we were up 5 days in row or any other string of gains and losses of any length that you can think of. The idea of the Edge is to give you an edge when you want to execute trade. Should I wait or act now? The Edge supplies some historical facts to help make that decision.

Finally we have a Bulletin Board devoted to Bollinger Bands and our sites where you can ask questions and discuss tools and techniques. We monitor the board and respond as quickly as possible.

That's a quick tour, but there is sooo much more and sooo much more to come. I hope you enjoy the site!

John Bollinger