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Merrill's Patterns
  • Stocks are categorized into 16 W patterns--W1, W2, ..., W16--and 16 M patterns--M1, M2, ..., M16.
  • In a W pattern the stock's last leg is upward, whereas in an M pattern the last leg is downward.
  • The patterns are ordered from the weakest (1) to the strongest (16).
  • Click on the patterns below to see their pattern evolution.



Traditional Technical Patterns
  • M and W patterns may also be categorized in traditional technical analysis terms as follows:
  • Uptrend: M15, M16, W14 and W16
  • Downtrend: M1, M3, W1 and W2
  • Head and Shoulders: W6, W7, W9, W11, W13 and W15
  • Inverted Head and Shoulders: M2, M4, M6, M8, M10 and M11
  • Triangles: M13 and W4
  • Broadening: M5 and W12


Head & Shoulders

Inverse Head & Shoulders