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Subscribers can change symbol, date range and sequence length.

Date Range: TO

Only for Sequences

Edge is an approach that is designed to give you an edge in your trading operations. Edge does so by highlighting days where you can expect strength or weakness.

Edge is best utilized as a secondary decision tool (primary decision being whether to buy/sell) to choose the best time to enter/exit a trade.

For example: Want to buy XYZ, why not do so on a weak day that is expected to be followed by a strong day.

Here are the patterns that Edge analyzes:
1.Day of Week
2.End of Month

Day of Week

Historical performance based on day of the week. Each day is analyzed in 3 parts:
  1. Overnight: Price change (%) from previous trading day's close to today's open.
    Example: Tuesday = Monday close to Tuesday open
  2. Intraday: Intraday price change (%) from open to close.
    Example: Tuesday = Tuesday open to Tuesday close
  3. Daily: Price change (%) from previous trading day's close to today's close.
    Example: Tuesday = Monday close to Tuesday close

Tuesday (300): The 300 is the number of Tuesdays analyzed.

End of Month

Historical performance of the first and last 10 days of each month & the 10 days surrounding the 3rd Friday of each month.

End of Month:
Left side (noted by minus signs): Last 10 days of previous month
Right side (noted by plus signs): First 10 days of month

For June/July, -1 is the last trading day of June, +1 is the first trading day of July

3rd Friday:
The colored line is the performance 5 days before and after the 3rd Friday (options expiration) of the month on right side of chart.

For June/July, the line is for July.
-1 is the day before the 3rd Friday.
+1 is the 3rd Friday itself.


The historical % for an up day after any series of ups and down.

Ups and downs can be specified in two ways:
1. Inter-day (close vs close)
up day is today's close > yesterday's close
down day is today's close < yesterday's close

2. Intra-day (close vs open)
up is today's close > today's open
down day is today's close < today's open

The default sequence length is 4 days, but you may adjust up to a max of 8 days.

, 45.5% (120), +.15%
  • :
    = down day
    = up day
    The last four trading days (oldest to recent), stock was down, down, down, up.
  • 45.5%: Historical % the next day was up following the series
  • (120): Number of times series occured
  • +.15%: average gain/loss of next day (regardless next day was up or down)

Pattern as of last trading day.
Next pattern (rightmost sign reflects most recent day).


Historical performance of the 3 days before and after market holidays.

SPY (S P 500 Spyders)   03/24/2015 to 03/24/2016

Monday (48) Tuesday (52) Wednesday (53) Thursday (52) Friday (48)
Overnight -0.17% +0.02% +0.14% -0.02% -0.03%
Intraday +0.05% 0.00% -0.03% +0.04% -0.01%
Daily -0.13% +0.02% +0.11% +0.03% -0.03%